Cthulhu Adorned – The Works of H.P. Lovecraft

Black goat skin leather is the night sky adorned with a starry display of gold, silver and antiqued gold hand tooled stars. Over the night sky green goatskin tentacles extend forth from a… Continue reading


JRR Bookworks is a small (tiny) book bindery located in Washington State.  I bind books by hand. That means I take a piece of leather, cut it, pare it down, glue it to… Continue reading

Masonic Binding – By The By-Laws

An antique Lodge By-Laws is rebound into this elegant goat skin and metal emblem binding.  

Restoring The Lord Wharton Bible

The Lord Wharton Bible Restoration Project To read more about this binding click the link on the right Portfolio menu at the top of this page for  Restoring The Lord Wharton Bible.

The Master’s Book

The Master’s Book