AND……the beast. Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies.

  The designs for each book was inspired on the spot and de profundis: a seminal cosmic swirl, a mothman Rorschach, a screaming flailing flame beast resplendent with eyes galore. This Spare-like somnambulistic design style was… Continue reading

Beauty ….

I was commissioned to create a blank journal of mammoth proportions late in 2011 and the resulting tome is now finally ready for the customer to see. This massive 5 inch thick book… Continue reading

A Bit of Magic

Full hand dyed deckled calf adorned with extensive gold tooled designs, a central diamond leather blue inlay, and hand marbled end sheets. Eliphas Levi’s masterful tour de force deserved a royal treatment.

Masonry and Nature Worship

I bound these to books in December but sent them out in January…I am still binding my way out of this order and will have more to show for it. The Obelisk and… Continue reading

Living With Himalayan Masters

Full deckled goat skin with gold tooled designs and custom Om symbols. The central motif is in the spirit of a Paul Bonet work. The book is “Living With The Himalayan Masters” by Swami Rama.… Continue reading

A Masonic Presentation Folder

My Masonic Lodge often reads presentation material to new candidates and during public events. I was asked to create a leather book similar to a fine menu or wine list book one receives in an… Continue reading

Masonic Minutes 1858

Minneapolis Lode 19 AF & AM commissioned me to restore three of their precious Lodge record books. This Minutes book details the minutes for the year of Lodge activity 1858. The original binding was… Continue reading

Dentelle Gold Tooling

I found a copy of The Rites Of Eleusis by Aleister Crowley et. al. published jointly by the O.T.O. Caliphate in California and Stellar Visions. These are fairly uncommon and some rare. Knowing that these… Continue reading

Lodge 19 And The Minneapolis Scottish Rite Valley

Minneapolis Lodge 19 AF & AM just relocated to the Scottish Rite Valley of Minneapolis Building. I have been working on decades of meeting minutes for the Scottish Rite Valley – perhaps as many as… Continue reading

Glass Drop Spine Presentation Box

This glass presentation box was created to house an Olaf Ohman family heirloom book. The book has births and deaths of the Ohman family written in it for many generations. The box is a glass… Continue reading

Ohman Kensington Rune Stone Artifacts

This rounded drop spine presentation box was made for a precious artifact book originally owned by the Ohman family of Kensington Minnesota. I was asked to restore the book, which was being held together… Continue reading

Masonic Secrets in A Hand Dyed and Tooled Leather Gothic Style Cipher.

A Gothic Masonic Cipher This Masonic Cipher was hand bound in Hand Dyed Calf Leather. The Cambridge Styled binding is heavily tooled in blind with a black and yellow marbled sections. Skull and… Continue reading

Lemegeton Goetia Grimoire by Mathers and Crowley

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King is considered one of the best known and most often referenced grimoires in the Western World. It is part of the goetic tradition and has been reprinted, stolen,… Continue reading

A Masonic Cipher in Classic Form

Another Lodge Brother has come forward with a request for me to rebind his Masonic Cipher. It is always a pleasure to create an heirloom quality book for someone to one day give… Continue reading

A True And Faithful Relation of John Dee

A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed For Many Years Between Some Spirits and Dr. John Dee is a large volume and a classic in the esoteric field.  It is the edited account of John… Continue reading

Thomas Taylor Translation: The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus

This book is an 1824 translation of that most important work of ancient Pagan myth, poetry, and mystery. It is bound in hand dyed calf in the Cambridge Panelled style with gold tooling, raised… Continue reading

Thomas Taylor Plato

When I received this book the leather was dry rotted and falling apart and the marbled boards were beginning to detach and quite rubbed. The original design was basic and to the point with lines and… Continue reading

Fixing Foxing – Restored A Long Lost Friend

I found a book in Ebay I just could not pass up. I knew how rare it was when I saw it. I also realized it looked like it had been buried in… Continue reading

Cthulhu Adorned – The Works of H.P. Lovecraft

Black goat skin leather is the night sky adorned with a starry display of gold, silver and antiqued gold hand tooled stars. Over the night sky green goatskin tentacles extend forth from a… Continue reading