Hand dyed goat with Panel motif

Weeks of restoration were needed to dis-bind, clean, and repair the thin aged paper. Once I repaired it I was able to put it in a hand dyed and shaded calf skin leather… Continue reading

Black Calf with Blind and Gold Tooling and custom stamps


Fallen Angels

The Book —- The anti-universalist, or, History of the fallen angels of the scriptures: proofs of the being of Satan and of evil spirits: intended as a refutation of the three main points… Continue reading

We can rebuild him….we have the technology

We can rebuild him….we have the technology Weeks ago I finished a labor intensive prolonged project on an antique Knight Templar Masonic book and new presentation box. The box was primarily a gift… Continue reading

ZANONI – A Rosicrucian Tale

I wanted a soft velvety leather that had deep dark impressions in a classically inspired design. The focus was to be a refined chunky sumptuous binding that I could feel the second I… Continue reading

Red Goat with Gold tooling and slip case.

My client sent me a broken copy that needed restoration before being married to a new leather suit. I cleaned, repaired, and hand sewed the book then added heavy beveled boards, spine bands,… Continue reading

Knights Templar 1865

I was commissioned to repair and rebind an 1865 Masonic Knights Templar By Laws and member signature book. Started with quill and ink in 1865 and extending down to the present day with… Continue reading

Masonic Bible- Cleaning and Patching

As I pack the bindery for our move across country I have to also continue to complete a few remaining jobs. I thought I would share a few pictures of my surface treatments… Continue reading

Vellum – John Baptista Porta’s Natural Magick

The book is bound in fine natural unfinished Vellum from Pergamena of New York State and tooled in gold. It has a Royal purple calf title plate and royal purple silk moire end… Continue reading

A Clam Shell Leather Bound Drop Spine Box.

I was asked to create a presentation box in full leather for a very fat book. This, in turn, meant a very thick box. I bound this huge heavy beast in full green… Continue reading

The Restoration – Secrets of The Invisible World

THE SECRETS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD DISCLOS’D: OR, AN UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF APPARITIONS SACRED AND PROFANE UNDER ALL DENOMINATIONS; Whether Angelical, Diabolical, or Human Souls departed. With a great  Variety of Surprising and… Continue reading

A Binding of Old Tibet With All the Mystery And Magic

There was a time when Westerners thought Tibet was a place of dark brooding magic, secret ascended Masters, and lost ancient mystery alive with dark possibility. When the German seeker T. Illion travelled there… Continue reading

Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties Restored and Bound.

These two massive volumes of The Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties were rebound from a thin machined calf to this hand dyed and speckled goat that was crushed and heavily burnished for a… Continue reading

The Dark Gods – A Commission

The spiritual, or better “entity”, war that has been played out since the dawn of mankind’s sentience is presented in full in this work. It is truly a chilling and mind-blowing experience to read. This… Continue reading

Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum

I have bound the Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum et Theosophicum before. This binding is my personal copy however and I am particularly fond of it. It is adorned with hand dyed and marbled goat with a scarlet goat… Continue reading

Classic Crowley


Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars

To date, this is the most comprehensive restoration I have ever completed. I was presented with a book that was a treasured family possession but was in shabby condition. There was no spine… Continue reading

Mackey’s Masonic Encyclopedia

A Masonic friend brought me this book. It had no covers, was missing an entire signature (the last section of printed pages which were folded and once sewn) and had extensive paper damage to… Continue reading

A Bible

I was asked to take a look at a Bible recently. I have done many Bible restorations over the years but this one was….. interesting. The client, an elderly gentleman in Wisconsin, studies his… Continue reading