Sabbatica II Published by Transmutation Publishing

I have just completed the first few copies of “Sabbatica II” for Transmutation Publishing. ¬†This is a limited edition of 30 books some of which have already sold. This book is bound in… Continue reading

Luck of the Irish Freemason on St. Patrick’s Day

I received a Victorian era blotter several weeks ago from a Masonic client. I knew what a blotter was but had never used one so I had to employ reverse engineering to recreate… Continue reading

America’s first Masonic book- “Ahiman Rezon”

Although there certainly were Freemasons in America prior to the 13 colonies and although they certainly had Masonic books among them; “Ahiman Rezon” was the first Masonic “how to” book widely used and… Continue reading

Glasse’s Art of Cookery

  ¬† Every genre has a collector, books on maps, animals, religion, and modern fiction all are collected. Within each field of book collecting are the cornerstone pieces that help to lay the… Continue reading

The Worshipful Master’s Book

This book will hold the private thoughts, dreams ,reflections and wise advice from the sitting Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge. It is bound in hand dyed goat provided by Steve Siegel leather.… Continue reading

The Temple of TAROT box

This commission was for a simple box to hold a tarot deck of cards. The box is inspired by the art of Lady Frieda Harris and echos her style as employed on the… Continue reading

Masonic Presentation Folder

This Masonic presentation folder will be used to hold speeches, sheet music, and addresses to new members before entering a Lodge. I think it will add a bit of grandeur to any Masonic… Continue reading

The Book of Thoth/Das Buch Thoth

The English and German versions of “The Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley. This commission requested goat skin leather, blind tooled large titles on the cover and my logo on the back. There… Continue reading

The Master’s Book

When a man who has knocked on the door of a Masonic Lodge, petitioned and been accepted for initiation, experienced the three Degrees, sat in the many Officer chairs and has even become… Continue reading

Signed by Crowley- AMBERGRIS

I was given the opportunity to work with a signed copy of Aleister Crowley’s “Ambergris” once owned by Felix White. The book came to me with a spine that was little better than… Continue reading

Levi’s Transcendental Magic

Bound in green goat, tooled in blind, protected by a goat covered slip case and the original cloth cover…this tome is ready for a life of arcane use.

Masonic Royal Arch Bible

Scarlet vegetable tanned “Sokoto” goat skin from Morocco, hand tooled letters with custom “triple tau” stamp made here in the bindery, Italian scroll end sheets to match the title page border, three book… Continue reading

Address Book Redux

A new customer requested an address book similar to the one I made for my wife a few months ago. I not only created another book but added several more levels of binding… Continue reading

Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell

This binding is a gift. The person receiving it did not want the most special edition but just needed a hard cover edition of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. So I snagged a 1st editions… Continue reading

Newport Tower by Philip Ainsworth Means

There is a saying, I may be getting wrong, about the children of the shoemaker never having shoes…which I have always taken to mean that the maker sells all his work and never… Continue reading

Handmade Fine Binding Artist’s Journal

I had a request for a hand made watercolor journal. After finding cold pressed high quality watercolor paper I hand sewed it, added the finest waxed Italian marbled paper, edge gilded the pages,… Continue reading

A simple feminine address book.

My wife has wanted a simple address book bound by me for ages. This winter I finally got around to doing one for her. It is bound in a hand dyed calf that… Continue reading

The Very Best Masonic Binding

I challenged myself recently— take a Masonic Cipher and Manual sent to me by a highly decorated Masonic Brother and make them something S P E C I A L. The bindings were… Continue reading

A Commission – Liber Aleph in a Fine Binding

A previous client commissioned me to bind a copy of Aleister Crowley’s “Liber Aleph” for a fine binding commission. I used fine goat skin from England and black foil for the titles. I… Continue reading