A “Simple” Presentation Box

I call my boxes “Presentation boxes” because whenever someone orders one it was to: present someone with something inside that was special, hold and then present and display a special book, or to hold and then “present” a special book to an audience once it has been removed. The truth is these boxes are called “drop spine” or “clamshell” boxes because of the design and they can vary from very simple conservation style containers to elaborate leather-bound things that are as detailed as the book itself. For the “Acton Restoration” ,which was featured last month, the client asked for a simple box to hold the book. Below is my answer to that request.

I created a drop spine or “clamshell” box bound in cloth with a felt lined tray and victorian style paper lining opposite the tray. There is a strip of elastic banding to hold the box closed when moving it around and a leather title plate. It is simple and to the point and will keep the book safe for years to come.