Equinox in Scarlet

I do not always post pictures of the books I bind and sometimes take down pictures that should have a place here on the site. Here are some books that were completed but never shared on my page before and a few others that were shared but have since been taken down.

2014- This “The Equinox of The Gods” was bound in scarlet goat skin with custom tooling and marbled paper. I used light hardened epoxy to create a custom stamp for this project but was not yet proficient in creating marbled paper so I relied on the matching red paper shown in the photos.


2014- This project was interesting because I was asked to provide a presentation box for book and set of wooden tiles. The client wanted vellum, as the book he had was already in vellum, and I already had a oil lamp stamp I had used for several Masonic bindings. Although the oil lamp faced a different direction and was larger and a little different the whole project came together quite nicely. The book and tiles were NOT mine but everything else was.


2012- “A Long Lost Friend” was in THE WORST CONDITION I HAVE EVER SEEN …ever. It actually looked as if it had been in someone’s coffin when the body decomposed over it and it had been exhumed decade later. It was the first book I ever restored in full. The poor thing was taken apart and the signatures soaked to bleach the pages, take out acid, and kill whatever had been on the poor thin. All the pictures are “after” pictures. Any stains you can still see were a dark black color before and the smell was really bad. After the pages were supple ( although I probably would re-size them if I could do it again and patch some areas with kobo paper), mainly white, and had no odor at all.

2014- This project was very feminine but also very serpentine. I used scarlet snake skin, brass snakes furniture with a hand made hasp, and very feminine stamps. I honestly cannot recall the title of this book, but the result was striking.