The Mask of Fu Manchu – Part 2 – The Work

The work has continued over a few sessions and it is progressing jut at bit at a time. As the leather pieces are glued together, along the very edge of each piece, the various pieces begin to make a larger “flap” of leather. Below- I removed the “flap” and you can get a clearer idea of where I am at. I used black leather as a background for the crown and eyes and will build many levels of gold and green on top of it to make the crown pop out a bit and define the eye holes. The large black headpiece background is perhaps as thick as two piece of paper whereas the other pieces are as thin as tissue paper and this was intentional. Once applied to the book cover there will be the slightest suggestion of a difference in depth from the face area to headpiece area. Once applied to the covering leather I will then press covering and image leather then hand pare any high areas that appear on the flesh side so that the final result is a perfectly flush surface.

Above you can see the cheap small glue bottle I use to apply tiny strands of glue along the leather edges. After every application I have to remove excess glue with “Q-tips” then press the pieces under wax paper. There are little areas that need to be fixed, lie the right nostril. That nostril needs to have a piece of green coming up into it not the little soiled gold piece. Theses details will make or break the final outcome. Details are key.

After posting the above I worked for another hour on some of the details I had missed around the nose and eyes. Once these were cleaned up the image looks much closer to the sketch.

After even more work highlights were added to the nose and head area.