Restorations, Designer Bindings, and More.

On the bench right now are several restoration projects, designs are being created for several publications and the books that have been piling up on my shelves will be up for sale in the near future.  My focus is to become more a “book works” and not just a bindery. Although binding will always be my focus I have many fine antique books to sell and a few new ones to produce.

Here you can see a recent acquisition, the “Palladio Londinensis, or, The London art of Building in Three Parts by William Salamon. This is the 1762 6th edition with the additional “Builders Dictionary” and 54 engravings. This work will receive a full restoration and then new binding in fine calf from Siegel Leather.

Along with the Palladio Londinensis I am restoring several other works including “Nouveau Voyage de France, 1738. This French travel guide is also full of amazing engravings in the form of maps and “views” of French cities.

In order to adorn theses and other works properly I have been experimenting with marbling techniques.

I am also working on designer bindings, leather mosaic, and a designs for two books I will complete this summer. No rest for the wicked I guess.