The Magus


This is my book. It sat on the bindery shelf for years, damaged but clean, watching as I bound many other titles. When I wanted to bind a book that showcased where I had come over the last decade I chose it immediately. Now it has received the very same treatment I have given to all those other books.

Because I wanted to show those things I have already done I chose tools I have used time and again. The hand stamps, cut by “Bookbindesigns” are part of a set and lend themselves to this type of stamping.  I used a simplified “dentelle” style which makes the empty unmarked leather play against the eye as much as the tooling. I did a very similar stamping on the “Fallen Angels” project. When I completed that book and had to send it off I knew I wanted to revisit the design.  The black leather is a “Smooth Historical Goat from Steve Siegel Leather with scarlet “Sokoto Goat” onlays. The marbled paper was done by me here in the bindery. This edition of “The Magus” has the corrected color plates which makes quite choice in my opinion.