An Anglo Saxon Inspired Binding for “Beowulf”


This 1905 edition of Beowulf has been bound in sheep with raised leather onlays, brass studs, gold dyes and and . I wanted evoke a sense of Anglo Saxon designed armor for this project. I used hand marbled paper created in the bindery for the end sheets but chose a simple store bought piece for the slip case. 20170103_10341920170103_103504There were several small tears to be repaired and the spine had to be reinforced but the text block was otherwise sound. The brown and black leather were hand dyed then antiqued. The red straps are goat hide and already were dyed when bought. I wanted to give multiple layers, textures, hues, and colors to the book. I used gold dye(not leather paint) for the cover edges but then did gold tooling in a different hue. This was intentional and again should make one think of a multi layered solder with scarlet red wool cloak, leather armor studded and worked with metal studs and rings and all of it tooled in the Anglo Saxon fashion.  As anyone who looks at Anlgo Saxon design will discover what I did here was light as far as design. The Anglo Saxons had a remarkable level of detail in their work. I could have done much more but felt the strong need to allow for some kind of balance between what was tooled and what was left smooth natural hide. This was a fun project and I hope to continue in this direction in the future.