Sabbatica II Published by Transmutation Publishing


I have just completed the first few copies of “Sabbatica II” for Transmutation Publishing.  This is a limited edition of 30 books some of which have already sold.

This book is bound in vegetable tanned goat that has been hand dyed a scarlet red and then dyed again with darkened reds and blacks. I chose to do a cut away in the cover to expose the hand marbled paper design underneath with white flame motif over it. In the future I may not be so ready to do this same technique. For each book I have to hand cut out the flame shape and then glue a piece of covering leather over it. Once the leather is dry I cut out the flame area-  with a bit extra leather lip-  which is folded under and glued down on the opposite side. This leather then has to be glued and hammered flat. Once it is thoroughly dry I hand trim away the underside leather so that only a thin super flat strip remains- holding the turned in leather along the inner flame edges in place. A piece of hand marbled paper is cut and glued to a second piece of cover board in the area where the open flame shape will be. Over the piece of marbled paper I hand cut then glue white leatherette that adds to the flame motif. Finally, the covered piece with flame opening and under piece with flame motif marbled paper are glued together and the rest of the binding can continue. Although the flame feature may look easy it is the hardest element of the binding.

This book is limited to 30 so if you would like to place an order you can go to or look for the link at the top of my main page. Click the link and you can order directly from the fine folks over there. Do hurry if you are interested before this fine hand made edition is sold out.