Luck of the Irish Freemason on St. Patrick’s Day


I received a Victorian era blotter several weeks ago from a Masonic client. I knew what a blotter was but had never used one so I had to employ reverse engineering to recreate the new blotter. I took apart the old, torn, dry-rotted blotter and used it as a template to create the new one.

When I took the blotter apart I found a signature on the paper that was under the wooden cover. That signature states, “Ireland”. the fact that I completed the recreation of this blotter on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s day just adds a bit of whimsy to this minor fact.

The cover is made up of wooden planks joined with ties and lacquered with black. Finely cut brass crosses with tiny crews are mounted on the cover. The crosses were each removed and polished and the lacquered board were rubbed with oil. The cover is attached to a leather trimmed board which is topped with silk moire on the inside. To the left another silk moire piece conceals an accordion folder within which one can place correspondence or papers to be signed. In the middle of the blotter a white silken ribbon holds a folder of hand sewn blotter paper covered in more moire. On the back, which is bound in the finest black leather, is a custom hand tooled design requested by the client.