America’s first Masonic book- “Ahiman Rezon”


Although there certainly were Freemasons in America prior to the 13 colonies and although they certainly had Masonic books among them; “Ahiman Rezon” was the first Masonic “how to” book widely used and distributed in early America. Many of the Founding Fathers, including George Washington, owned and used a copy of this book while assembled in their Lodges. The title is supposed to be Hebrew but the exact translation is lost to time. Most agree that it relates to the secrets or will of the assembled Brothers.

This was bound using Steve Siegel Leather – “Natural Goat”. In fact this was the exact same leather used for the “Art of Cookery”. I dyed this one with speckled yellows first and then did blues over the top. It is sewn on raised cords and tooled by hand.