The Temple of TAROT box

This commission was for a simple box to hold a tarot deck of cards.


The box is inspired by the art of Lady Frieda Harris and echos her style as employed on the Thoth tarot deck. The colors she used when painting that deck were rich and varied with one color melding into another yet all are soft and powdery.  Using that inspiration as a base from which to work I expanded it to include a Egyptian revival motif with silver plated brass attachments and Egyptian temple style doors that lead to the temples of tarot wisdom. I began with an antique cigar box which I disassembled, sanded and prepped for leather. I used a variety of goat on the outside but all were of the finest quality. I then molded the leather over cut cardstock and leather placards that mimic the Harris deck frames, Egyptian pillars, and temple doors. It is HEAVILY tooled and over dyed then both antiqued and highlighted.  Inside are simple marbled paper covered sides and a felt lined bottom.