The Master’s Book


When a man who has knocked on the door of a Masonic Lodge, petitioned and been accepted for initiation, experienced the three Degrees, sat in the many Officer chairs and has even become Master of a Lodge….that man has gained a bit of wisdom along the way. Now, Cataract Lodge No.2 A.F. & A.M. in Minneapolis Minnesota has a book for those sitting Masters. A place in which to write their thoughts and words of advice for future Brothers who will don the hat and seat themselves in the East. A journal, custom bound in Steve Siegel Leather’s “Historic” goat, and dyed again in navy blue and black…the Master’s Book will proudly serve this Lodge for many years to come. An actual Masonic jewel has been mounted on the cover with metal corner “furniture” and raised pieces all hand dyed and adorned. Hand marbled papers done by me were chosen for the end sheets and “Sokoto” goat, actual highly prized bookbinding goat skin from Morocco, where used for the spine and cover scroll-shaped title plates.