Newport Tower by Philip Ainsworth Means

There is a saying, I may be getting wrong, about the children of the shoemaker never having shoes…which I have always taken to mean that the maker sells all his work and never has anything to show if asked. To remedy this, a situation I am normally in, I have finally begun work on binding a showcase of books for me to keep, on-hand. I have been amassing a shelf full of these works, all in various states of disrepair and various levels of sentimental or historic import.

  ‘The Newport Tower’ by Philip Ainsworth Means is an important book for any Newport Tower researcher. This book once belonged to Scott Wolter, author and TV Host, and has several notations in his hand which I left as part of the history of the book. The book was badly bumped and the gutter torn so I had to at least repair or put a new back on the book. Due to it’s many points of value as an historical object I also felt it deserved a new leather and fine paper cover as well. 

The binding is REAL vegetable tanned hand dyed goat of the highest quality. I used compact dense book board which I then laminated so that the book feels, as our former President and bookman Jefferson stated, “feels heavy as a stone”. I put on base coats of dye on the leather then shaded and burnished the book in several stages during the finishing in order to give it the look it now has. I hand tooled the spine and covers and pared and dyed goat for the spine label as well. The paper on the boards and end sheets is Italian hand marbled paper that has been waxed to a glossy sheen. Finally, I marbled the page top edges to match the colors of the boards.