The Very Best Masonic Binding


I challenged myself recently— take a Masonic Cipher and Manual sent to me by a highly decorated Masonic Brother and make them something S P E C I A L.

The bindings were removed and the sewing, backing, and other essentials done. I then dyed the fore edges blue and did gilt on the page top and bottom edge. I gaffered those edges with various symbols in the Masonic style. I then antiqued the gilding with a glaze. I used marbled end sheets and bound the books in hand beveled boards.

I decided I would try a new supplier of leather and am now a devoted fan. The leather I bought, a navy blue, is the very best goat I have ever used. I bound the books and hand tooled them extensively with Masonic styled stamps. I created a box with matching goat on the outer and an inner sleeve something I have seen called, “pliver skiver”…or very very paper thin white calf. I added corner pieces made of metal that I modified and nailed into the box, tooled them heavily, finally added some specific Masonic codes.

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Above you can see the process from basic leather binding to the full tooled finished item.

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