We can rebuild him….we have the technology

We can rebuild him….we have the technology


Weeks ago I finished a labor intensive prolonged project on an antique Knight Templar Masonic book and new presentation box. The box was primarily a gift to the Commandery (Masonic Knight Templar group) and I was proud to offer such an item to my Masonic Brothers. I was shocked to receive an email that it had been damaged in shipping and needed repair. I had insured the package heavily but when I got the return package I had to tear into the project as quickly as I could to repair it and as such destroyed evidence the Post Office needed to give me the insurance I had purchased. So out of the initial time and energy I had put into the first effort and out of the insurance I had purchased I continued on to attempt a repair. After weeks of struggling with the base of what had come back to me I scrapped the whole presentation box and started anew. So I was out of the cost of those materials as well. It simply would not be right- in form or function- if I continued on attempting to put new wine into old bottles so I began again so I had to redo the whole thing.

The original box had been dropped and or stepped on and the entire corner crushed- the tray broken. My Masonic client asked if I could make it tougher. HA! in a madness brought on by weeks of frustration I began the process of OVER making it. I made the covers out of double ply board and made the tray almost solid. I joined the corners of the tray in varying over lapping layers so that no weak point would exist. I clad the tray entirely in leather and trimmed and sealed it like an Italian leather box. The tray base is four layers deep crowned in the white moire silk top. I dispensed with many of the cords and left the tray with a pull ribbon only. I added sides to the lid that when closed grip the tray and keep the box shut. I even added brass finishing trim nails to ensure the bottom will never come away from the tray.

In finishing, I antiqued the whole thing with hand rubbed black dye. It is a darker, rougher, more Gothic look compared to the original but perhaps that mirrors my attitude toward the project. ,

 I will ship this off via UPS and hope my client is happy with his LONG awaited presentation box. 

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