A Clam Shell Leather Bound Drop Spine Box.


I was asked to create a presentation box in full leather for a very fat book. This, in turn, meant a very thick box. I bound this huge heavy beast in full green goat leather, gold tooled the spine, added a velvet lined interior compartment with a green goat gold tooled bottom insert, a double silken pull cord attached to a pull ring, antique reclaimed marbled paper accent over the interior compartment, and all the other little bells and whistles I could find. In the pictures you will see  rough book board box that I made and used to keep track of the actual book’s dimensions. The book that will be housed in this shrine is almost 4 inches thick and as such would get stuck in the interior chamber if I only had used one cord. The double cord allows the whole book to be lifted out with one hand, freeing one to use the free hand to guide and then lift the precious book out.