Beauty ….

I was commissioned to create a blank journal of mammoth proportions late in 2011 and the resulting tome is now finally ready for the customer to see. This massive 5 inch thick book was made entirely by me. There was no restoration or rebinding that took place here. Each page was folded, cut, sewn on heavy cords in medieval style, and hammer then the page edges speckled with acid free dyes. The leather was hand dyed a lavender purple-ish plum. The center is a lavender and the outer edges and spine are a plum purple. The photo shopping I had to do to lighten the pictures – taken in the bindery library- made it look a bit pinkish. This book was then gold tooled with a traditional bright gold leaf (which also is a bit “glowy” after photoshopping the pictures) and tooled, and tooled, and tooled, and tooled some more which is exactly as the customer wanted.  I took pictures prior to adding the final cover stamp which was a custom piece made for the client and will remain private for now. I feel I have “outdone” myself with this massive work (pictured next to my 4-year-old son to give some perspective) but I have also over done this technique just a bit and will move on to other styles until again commissioned for a dentelle style tooling. The title of this post “beauty” will be coupled with “the beast” in my next post. “The beast” is a set of nine volumes by Kenneth Grant called The Typhonian Trilogies. Not only is that set truly a beast to bind but the style is so dramatically different form this book that the titles could not be more appropriate.

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