Living With Himalayan Masters

Full deckled goat skin with gold tooled designs and custom Om symbols. The central motif is in the spirit of a Paul Bonet work. The book is “Living With The Himalayan Masters” by Swami Rama. I was given a price and a general idea of what the client wanted. I went with a custom OM stamp I made with a piece of brass and a Dremel tool as the central stamp surrounded with a waving repeating ray burst and small flames floating. All the tools for these elements were made in my shop and I supplemented them with traditional stamps for the corners, back, and spine. This was an expedited work and certain elements were done faster than I have ever worked before….or will ever work again. Bookbinding is as much an art as a craft and to rush it is not what makes beautiful books. That said, I think I can be proud and my client happy with this Christmas present.