Dentelle Gold Tooling

I found a copy of The Rites Of Eleusis by Aleister Crowley et. al. published jointly by the O.T.O. Caliphate in California and Stellar Visions. These are fairly uncommon and some rare. Knowing that these were originally glorified pamphlets it may be surprising to see it in such a fancy binding. I find the subject matter calls for such treatment, however,  and the binding was easy to transform with my inlaid stitching. This scarlet goat skin hand dyed leather binding is decorated with dentelle style gold tooling. I added agate banded end sheets in order to carry on the colors of the original tie dyed frontis. I would love to see this book in action before the participants in the Rites, robed, and decorated, incense cloying their noses and this book held before the viewers in the hands of the officiating practitioner.