Lodge 19 And The Minneapolis Scottish Rite Valley

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Minneapolis Lodge 19 AF & AM just relocated to the Scottish Rite Valley of Minneapolis Building. I have been working on decades of meeting minutes for the Scottish Rite Valley – perhaps as many as 30 years worth – and was fortunate to meet the Secretary of Lodge 19 while dropping off finished archival bindings and picking up new unbound minutes. The Worshipful 19’er presented me with three antique books in various states of disrepair and requested I preserve these invaluable records of his Lodge.

I have pictured here both the meeting minutes and one of the Lodge 19 bindings just finished.

The Scottish Rite Meeting Minutes are archivally perfect (adhesive)  bound using acid free materials, inlaid stitching in the spine ensures the perfect binding will never break, white acid free artists paper was used for the end sheets and the cloth is a starched black buckram.

The Pages are aligned, sorted, collated and any booklets that are not stapled into placed are cut at the folded spine and added to the rest for a perfect (adhesive) bind.

The Lodge 19 By Laws started as early as 1858 and have been kept with new signatures yearly till the present day. Almost all the leaves were cracked and loose, the stitching was broken, the original dyed page edges was worn, and the faux leather cover was ugly to say the least. I disbound the whole book. I then had to unfold and lay our each page set and repair the folds with period specific paper pieces- glued into place to join the ripped or broken leaves. I also had to steam off the material on the paste downs and press it so that at the end I would be able to re-attach it. I added new lined pages att he end so that it can be used from decades to come.  Once I re-stacked them, pressed them and sawed in new kerfs I hand stitched it “all along” on my sewing table. The End sheets are hand marbled by Chena River, each one being signed by the artists when complete. I hand dyed and waxed the page edges and re-backed the spine giving it a curved or rounded spine. I added new boards, raised spine bands, and covered them in black veg tanned goat skin. I then hand tooled the cover in gold and finally added a hand tooled cut/carved Lodge 19 brass emblem. Hours upon hours went into this project and the result is an acid free archival hand bound heirloom book that will continue to be used by the lodge well past my lifetime. I added a basic slip case with silk cord to protect the book and designed it with an inner channel for the brass 19 to slide within. This project was a challenge in keeping the page edges dyed but not allowing the dye to seep toward the antique writing- which goes right to the page edges. I hope the 19’ers will be happy with my efforts.