Ohman Kensington Rune Stone Artifacts

This rounded drop spine presentation box was made for a precious artifact book originally owned by the Ohman family of Kensington Minnesota. I was asked to restore the book, which was being held together by packing tape, and then create some kind of case for it. The book has a family picture from the Ohman family, a hand written note from Olaf Ohman and a hand drawn map of his farm. Olaf was the man who found the Kensington Rune Stone, a Minnesota stone with runic inscriptions dating back to the 1300’s.

I built this red hand dyed goat skin box with marbled paper interior tray, rounded drop spine with raised bands, a leather inlay rune stone piece and satin pull cord for access to the restored heirloom book. The book was re-stitched, all the artifacts preserved and rebound with the original cloth being laid on to the new cloth.