Lemegeton Goetia Grimoire by Mathers and Crowley

The Lesser Key of Solomon the King is considered one of the best known and most often referenced grimoires in the Western World. It is part of the goetic tradition and has been reprinted, stolen, edited, researched, expanded with hitherto ignored material, and so on since its first publication in the modern world by S.L. MacGregor Mathers. I have bound this work before but wanted to do something “truly my own” for this project….since it was from my own collection. Since the Lesser Key deals primarily with the evocation and control, or exorcism, of spiritual entities commonly known as demons I felt it appropriate to evoke a feel of ancient evil in this binding. I chose something that perhaps does not bring that feeling to mind for many modern thinkers but should reverberate with “those who know” . It should evoke something about demonic energies throughout history. The eye-like pattern is reminiscent of the Yezidis conception of the Devil, it is also something like a peacock’s tail pattern, an evil eye amulet, a Middle Eastern carpet (flying), and a creature’s eye. In a work on grimoires I wrote some years ago I call certain documents “Threshold Documents” and wrote….” when you use these books you are able to look into another world, one not unlike our own. You will see the denizens of that world. When you look into a threshold document and see them…whether you want it or not they will see you. When you look at them they will look back at you.”(JRR Threshold Documents 2009)

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  This is a green goat with scarlet goat onlays. I hand dyed the leather (shading, altering the base color, blocking off and marbling sections, and also dyed the page edges. I used satin and hand marbled paper end sheets, created more than the necessary spine bands to give it a sleek old world look, used a snake-skin title plate, and hand tooled the cover extensively in blind and gold. It may not be the stereo typical grimoire….but I hate stereo typical. This is the JRR Bookworks binding for the Mather’s Lesser Key…and one I am both revolted by and attracted to at the same time.