Thomas Taylor Plato


When I received this book the leather was dry rotted and falling apart and the marbled boards were beginning to detach and quite rubbed. The original design was basic and to the point with lines and title and little more to adorn the work. I chose to restored it in like manner and not overdo the gold tooling. This Plato, translated by Thomas Taylor, is rebound in hand dyed half calf with Payhembury marbled paper and minimal gold on the spine and cover. It is difficult to relate to a viewer the level of work that goes into a binding prior to it being finished. Hours were spent paring down the leather (shaving off the flesh side with a razor-sharp knife to make it very thin), making traditional glaire and other formulas to prep the leather for tooling and prior to that dying, pressing, stamping, nipping, tieing, oiling, waxing, putting on the title and so on. The final design is basic but the level of work and the resulting binding is one nicer technical achievement. As much as humanly possible I did all I could to make this a perfect beauty.