Rituale Romanum

  The Catholic book of rites, for use by a Priest or Deacon, is called “Ritual Romanum” and includes the rites of baptism, marriage, last rites and the rite of exorcism among others.… Continue reading

The Magus

This is my book. It sat on the bindery shelf for years, damaged but clean, watching as I bound many other titles. When I wanted to bind a book that showcased where I… Continue reading

Photo Album

This was a project for a school auction. The album and a few other photo related items are put in a basket and auctioned off to raise money. I chose hand dyed sheep… Continue reading

Works of Frater Achad

  The Book: Charles Stansfield Jones, Frater Achad, is the focus of research for one of my clients right now. In order to enjoy his works in one centralized place that client sent… Continue reading

An Anglo Saxon Inspired Binding for “Beowulf”

This 1905 edition of Beowulf has been bound in sheep with raised leather onlays, brass studs, gold dyes and and . I wanted evoke a sense of Anglo Saxon designed armor for this… Continue reading

The Bench is Full Again.

Stacks of unbound text blocks, rolls of new odiferous letter, and glue and marbling ink on my hands; it is good to be back in the bindery. I am back from my hiatus… Continue reading

“Above the gemmed azure…the starry blue…”Liber Al Vel Legis

The client who requested this project is great at coming up with his own design specifications. He was inspired by a previous project I did where I impressed gold and silver dots into… Continue reading

The Law Is For Al(L)

I was asked to restore and bind a broken and cracked copy of “The Law Is For All”. Here is the result.

Masonic Restoration

I have restored a Masonic book of Constitutions from the 1700’s and would like to share the photos. I had planned to describe the WHOLE arduous process – from the acid baked fragile pages… Continue reading

A True and Faithful Relation …. John Dee

A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for many years Betwen Some Spirits and Dr. John Dee by Meric Casaubon. Bound in Siegel Leather’s Naturural green goat. It is tooled in blind… Continue reading

Masonic Cipher

I am often asked to bind Masonic cipher books in leather. Here is a recent one.

Sabbatica II Published by Transmutation Publishing

I have just completed the first few copies of “Sabbatica II” for Transmutation Publishing.  This is a limited edition of 30 books some of which have already sold. This book is bound in… Continue reading

Luck of the Irish Freemason on St. Patrick’s Day

I received a Victorian era blotter several weeks ago from a Masonic client. I knew what a blotter was but had never used one so I had to employ reverse engineering to recreate… Continue reading

America’s first Masonic book- “Ahiman Rezon”

Although there certainly were Freemasons in America prior to the 13 colonies and although they certainly had Masonic books among them; “Ahiman Rezon” was the first Masonic “how to” book widely used and… Continue reading

Glasse’s Art of Cookery

    Every genre has a collector, books on maps, animals, religion, and modern fiction all are collected. Within each field of book collecting are the cornerstone pieces that help to lay the… Continue reading

The Worshipful Master’s Book

This book will hold the private thoughts, dreams ,reflections and wise advice from the sitting Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge. It is bound in hand dyed goat provided by Steve Siegel leather.… Continue reading

The Temple of TAROT box

This commission was for a simple box to hold a tarot deck of cards. The box is inspired by the art of Lady Frieda Harris and echos her style as employed on the… Continue reading

Masonic Presentation Folder

This Masonic presentation folder will be used to hold speeches, sheet music, and addresses to new members before entering a Lodge. I think it will add a bit of grandeur to any Masonic… Continue reading

The Book of Thoth/Das Buch Thoth

The English and German versions of “The Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley. This commission requested goat skin leather, blind tooled large titles on the cover and my logo on the back. There… Continue reading